Meet the team at Meggitt’s OECO site

In a company of 12,000 people it can sometimes be difficult to find the right person.

The F.W. Bell product range is sold by OECO LLC, based in Portland Oregon.
This facility is part of Meggitt’s Power & Motion value stream and here are some of the key people in our Power & Motion leadership team.

Robert Gustine

General Manager

In my work here since 2010, I’ve seen the team at OECO develop great pride in the products and applications we cover here in our 75+ year history, the customers we help service daily, and being able to deliver quality product on time in a world with ever-increasing complexities.


Chris Kuble

Director, Sales, Marketing and Business Development

I am responsible for the Sales and Marketing at OECO which includes the F.W. Bell product line.   Our product breadth includes unique sensors, power generation and conversion products used in industrial, commercial and aerospace applications.  The OECO team focuses on delivering quality engineered products that exceed the desired customer requirements and when necessary, collaborating to identify unique solutions.



Kristina Korosi

Engineering Manager

I am the head of the engineering team at OECO which supports the F.W. Bell product line.
Our team of engineers has comprehensive experience in Power Generation and Conversion. This includes Electrical, Mechanical, and other Engineering expertise that support the development and sustainability of our durable products. We can provide custom designs by working closely with the customer to understand exactly what they need.


Justin Hackett

Quality Director

I am responsible for the Quality Management Systems at OECO. This includes calibration, document control, supplier quality and inspection for our aerospace products as well as the F.W.Bell product line.
The OECO facility is certified to the aerospace quality standard, AS9100. I work together with my team to ensure that we maintain this approval for those products that need aircraft certification.