Meet the team at Meggitt’s OECO site

In a company of 12,000 people it can sometimes be difficult to find the right person.

The F.W. Bell product range is sold by OECO LLC, based in Portland Oregon.
This facility is part of Meggitt’s Power & Motion value stream and here are some of the key people in our Power & Motion leadership team.

Paul Devaux

President, Power & Motion

I’ve been with Meggitt since 2015 and I joined at a really exciting time. The Meggitt Sensing Systems (MSS) division was being reorganised around a “product value stream” philosophy where products with similar technologies or applications were grouped together.

I am responsible for the Power & Motion value stream which includes the following pioneers in their fields: OECO, Securaplane, TFE Electronics and Artus. By combining our capabilities we can offer customers more integrated solutions and comprehensive through-life support.


Jace Dees

General Manager, OECO LLC.

I am responsible for the OECO facility in Portland Oregon which provides a complete range of power generation systems for the aerospace, defence, energy, industrial, medical, oil and gas and space markets.
Before joining Meggitt I was a Director with Amazon and I’m very keen to see how our new eCommerce website will help our customers to find and buy the products that they need. 


Steffen Spell

VP, Sales, Marketing and Business Development (Power & Motion)

I am responsible for the sales and marketing teams for the Power & Motion business.
Customers need local support and we have sales teams positioned around the globe ready to answer your questions.

Before joining Meggitt, I worked for a number of leading aerospace companies such as GE Aviation and Cobham PLC. In addition, I've also worked in other industries with companies such as Ingersoll-Rand and GE Healthcare so I can understand the challenges and needs of each market..  


Kirsten Moen

Operations Director

I am head of Operations at the OECO plant and I am helping to bring Lean to our facility by implementing  the Meggitt Production System (MPS). This is Meggitt’s approach to applying Lean tools and continuous improvement practices across all its facilities.

Like all manufacturing sites we are focused on improving our operational performance in terms of cost, quality and delivery. But unlike many lean production systems our MPS system distinguishes itself by being deployed from the bottom up.

I recently re-joined Meggitt after spending 14 years at Eaton and it’s great to see all the positive changes that have been made to the business in that time.


Steve Franceschini

Engineering Director

I am responsible for the engineering team at OECO and I’ve been working with the F.W.Bell product line for over 10 years.
We have a team of talented engineers with extensive experience in electrical and electronics. We can provide customized designs by working closely with the customer to understand exactly what they need. 


Bob Seay

Commercial Director

I am responsible for overseeing the Contracts and Compliance teams within OECO.
We want to be easy to do business with, but at the same time we need to  ensure that we comply with  the latest regulations and guidelines. For example, If you buy something from our website, you need to be sure that we will export it and ship it correctly.

I have over 30 years of management experience in technical companies, with deep involvement in project management, business management, commercial and government contracting, and regulatory compliance.


Mike Tidball

Quality Director

I am responsible for the Quality Management Systems at OECO. This includes calibration, document control, supplier quality and inspection for our aerospace products as well as the F.W.Bell product line.
The OECO facility is certified to the aerospace quality standard, AS9100. I work together with my team to ensure that we maintain this approval for those products that need aircraft certification.